10 Geek Holiday Gifts: A Bendistraw Shopping Guide

Here’s a list of some great gift ideas for all the geeks in your life! Lets dive right in:

netgearThis is the Netgear MCAB1001 Coax/Ethernet adapter. Basically, this device will transmit your broadband signal through your existing coax wiring in your home. Now, each room in your house that has a coax cable port can be a high speed data port. It sells for $180 at Amazon and should be available at other retailers as well.


map-of-the-internet XKCD.com is a great comic strip with terrific products based on their strips. This one pictured at left is an updated map of online communities. Their first one premiered in 2007 and needless to say, things have changed! MySpace has shrunk and there are a few new sites added to the mix. Both versions are available on the site.

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“Science- It works Bitches” T-Shirt This is a great t-shirt also hosted and sold by xkcd.com. The back of the shirt features a graph from the COBE mission which helped reinforce the Big Bang Theory. From xkcd: (This) was one of the most dramatic examples of an experiment agreeing with a theory in history — the data points fit perfectly, with error bars too small to draw on the graph. It’s one of the most triumphant scientific results in history.

science shirt 1 science shirt 2

Neatorama.com is another great site for lovers of knowledge and interesting facts. If there is one other site fans of Bendistraw.com are guaranteed to love its Neatorama. They have a few great prodtucs available in their shop. Here are some favs. Click on the pictures to go directly to the shop:

I-Heart-Math_210-l Metropolis-Wacky-Wobbler-Bobble-Head_6997-l Great-Vocab-Didnt-Save-The-Thesaurus-From-Extinction_1838-l If-Youre-Not-Part-of-the-Solution_1826-l

Last but not least is ThinkGeek. They have a HUGE offering of fun and geeky toys, gadgets and clothes that any geek would love. Here are some fun ideas:

app_magnetsApp Magnets

bubblewrap_keychainElectronic Bubble Wrap

laser_guided_scissorsLaser Guided Scissors

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