3 Easy Tips For Choosing Living Room Furniture

So you’ve finally got that dream place you’ve been dreaming about. The hard work is over and the agent has handed you over the keys. Now comes the easy bit – supposedly – furnishing it.

For some people furnishing a house is a dream come true, a chance to splash their creativity around and create something that is their own. For others it’s a logistical nightmare, the whole process feels like a personal Everest and you’re tempted to just open up the IKEA catalogue and order the first thing that looks remotely fitting.

Regardless of which type of category you fall into, don’t fret. Furnishing a home is not as difficult or costly as it sounds, providing you plan ahead and stick to a budget. One of the first rooms to tackle – a room in which you will spend a large portion of your waking hours at home – is the living room.

The living room is one of the most important rooms to ‘get it right’ and for many good reasons. Firstly, this is your den, your ‘chill out zone’ and so it’s important to make sure this is somewhere you can come and relax after a long and dreary day at the office. Secondly, and more importantly for some, this is the room in which you are most likely to entertain company and so it’s important to make sure it’s somewhere comfortable and somewhere that you feel you would like to invite your friends and family to visit.

Sizing Is Everything

It doesn’t matter how big your living room is, but it does matter that you get the measurements right. So before handing over the credit card for that three piece suite, make sure that it’s the right size for the room. You don’t want furniture sticking in front of the doorway or in front of the window. If you haven’t already got one, invest in a tape measure. Guestimates won’t work here, and spending the time to double check everything will ensure that you don’t make any repeat visits to the furniture store.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you have any pets? Young children? Consider your lifestyle before purchasing any furniture. If you have pets that are likely to chew at the furniture, then perhaps it’s time to think what’s practical? Or does a cream sofa make sense with toddlers in the house? Something else to be considered is the climate you live in. If you are prone to hot summers then you may find yourself sticking to your leather sofa, unless of course you have air conditioning.

Shop Around For the Best Deals

Make a list of all the furniture you like. If you see something that looks perfect, refrain from buying it there and then but make a note of the name, catalogue number (if one exists), the shop it’s located in and the price.

A quick search only may reveal another shop that is selling it at a cheaper price, or if the company has a cheaper online price or furniture sale, perhaps when purchased with a voucher code.

If you are worried about losing the item you can always ask the shop to temporarily reserve it, just in case.

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