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RIP Douglas Engelbart (yes, you know him)

THe inventor of the Mouse died this month. Douglas Engelbart was a pioneer of computing as we know it today. He was an engineer and worked for what would later become NASA. In this video you can see him in 1968 where he publicly unveiled not only the mouse but video conferencing, a windows-style interface, hypertext links (such as this) and interactive document editing. The video is long but you Read more...

GTD On The Cheap!

Apple is hosting a 3-week sale featuring some of the top GTD apps out there. Dive in and get productive this year! This weeks Apps include: Clear, Things (our favorite), 2Do, Due, Todo, TaskPaper, The Hit List and BreakTime.

facebook hug vest

Like-A-Hug Vest: Why does this exist?

Another fantastic example of could vs should. This vest (vest?) inflates when you get a facebook like. I guess it could be interesting if you were in water and you had to rely on facebook to keep you alive but this just gets puffy. The idea is that it is a hug fron your friends as they interact on your page. Who know, Maybe the MIT scientists who developed it Read more...