Cook Kardashians

Half asleep I walked to the door and suspected I was still dreaming; mostly because I was in a place I knew was mine but I had never been there. Now that I think about it, it was heavily influenced by the loft from My Two Dads. On the other side of the door was a Kardashian (in a vague sense). I couldn’t tell you which one and she may not have looked anything like a real one but I knew thats who she was. Suddenly I realized I was very late in my preparations for an event at my apartment. That was the assumption at least. It was a bit like the Hobbit. I was Bilbo and a bunch of mountain-dwelling princesses were coming. The Gandalf in the analogy was next at the door. It was Tim Gunn from Project Runway. I have seen a few scattered episodes but most recently I saw him in a video for the It Gets Better Campaign.

More and more strangers showed up at the house and I couldn’t fully get dressed because I was making coffee and tea for everyone. So there I was, wearing an undershirt and boxers cooking for unimpressive “celebrities” and Tim Gunn. Their meeting seemed important to them. I just wanted to get my pants on.

Finally I woke up on the couch. I was wearing an undershirt and boxers. I like to think that TIm Gunn took a bullet for me. If only in my dreams.

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