How to Kill a Great Ad Campaign

So Norton Software (the anti-virus guys) have stared a great new ad campaign featuring both the Hoff and Dolf Lundgren. They’re not over the top or super funny but worth a look-see. Here’s the Hoff one:

Here’s the kicker… The tech/culture blog Geeks are Sexy posted these videos and asked people to comment on their experience with Symantec products. Here was one glowing anonymous comment:

“These products absolutely have gotten better since 2008. They are a complete reinvention of the old Norton bloat-ware and in my opinion are way less resource-intensive than comparable products today. In fact, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 are consistently ranked #1 or 2 in industry reviews.”
Seeming too good to be true, their IP was traced and then found on Google Maps. Guess where it came from?
Why of course! Symantec! This sneaky tactic is they type of thing that can become more memorable that the ads themselves. Seems like Symantec could use some internet security. Haha

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