RIP Journalism

R.I.P. Journalism

Found this screenshot on Tumbr (P.S. follow Bendistraw here) but it got me thinking about the dates mentioned. What happened in 1456 you ask? Our friend Mr Gutenberg invented the movable type printing press. Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith and is also credited as the first to use oil-based ink. Many have hailed his work to be the most important of the second millennium. in fact, an opera was written about his life entitled “La nuit de Gutenberg” was recently staged in Strasbourg.

This month, Newspaper Death Watch reported that up to 1,400 daily newspapers could be gone within 5 years. Sure papers are still around but for how long and why?

Here’s a list of some apps for getting news. Leave us comments on why we should still read the paper.


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