sex in space

Sex in space

The October-November issue of the Journal of Cosmology features an entry from Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. entitled, Sex on Mars: Pregnancy, Fetal Development, and Sex in Outer Space. He details many issues including menstruation and radiation threats to women as well as decreased testosterone levels in men. Joseph raises issues with psychology, desire, logistics, and marriage while citing sources from Antarctic and isolation research.

His solution is pricier than others (e.g. send only married couples) but at least he tackles the tough issue and truly wants everyone to get their “share”.

Although male and female astronauts could be trained to “share and share alike” so that sexual favors are provided equally to one and all, perhaps a better solution might be to send two space craft, one with an all male crew and another with an all female crew. Not only does this solve the problems which may arise from male-female sexual couplings in space, but it would prevent any possibility of pregnancy.

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