Starting Your Culinary Arts Career in Your Own Kitchen: Not a Half-Baked Idea

Starting Your Culinary Arts Career in Your Own Kitchen: Not a Half-Baked Idea

You love to cook. You love to bake. You love to grill. You love the creativity and the execution of food preparation. What can you do based from your own home and kitchen to enjoy a culinary arts career? In today’s world, the possibilities are almost endless.

Use Technology

Grab a dedicated spot on the Internet. Start a blog about cooking. Talk about food, nutrition and food-related topics. Share recipes; give hints and tips. Conduct food preparation product reviews and comparisons. Explain why a certain cut of beef is better for a particular dish than another. Invite feedback; it’s the food that feeds a blog and ratings.

Create a website that can accompany your blog. Solicit purchases of your cakes, cookies, tarts and pies or perhaps your home-canned goods. Enroll in an affiliate program that sells quality cookware or utensils or any and all cooking-related items. Don’t forget spices, herbs and ‘insider’ secrets.

Start a newsletter and conduct interviews with local celebrity chefs and restaurant owners for food preparation hints from professionals. Go into their kitchens and learn their methods, timing secrets and their caution points. Add video to the commentary and put it on YouTube, the world’s fourth-largest search engine.

Make your own videos of you preparing your specialties and family-heirloom recipes. Post those on the Internet as well.

Become an eBay merchant and sell your homemade baked goods; your customer base will quickly grow, and they’ll pay for the expedited shipping for freshness!

Start a cooking show, starring you, and edit down the food preparation to approximately fifteen minutes of air time and post the videos on YouTube. Have guest cooks present their best dishes occasionally for local fame.

Use the Media

Sponsor a friendly cook-off between high-profile restaurants in your area. Invite ordinary contestants to pit their skills against a chef. Submit your own entry and see how your creativity fares against the professionals and other laypeople. Write a story about it and submit it to your local paper.

Write a recipe book. Collect your family’s favorites; adapt some well known recipes to make them your own; print them, bind them and sell them. Cookbooks sell like hotcakes, whether hard-bound or electronic.

Additional Choices

For someone with creativity, dedication and skill, starting a culinary arts career can take almost any form:

– Give cooking lessons

– Start a catering business

– Offer to revamp menus for food-serving non-profit programs and work with their nutritionists

– Donate freshly prepared dishes to a small charity or church gathering to showcase your skills

– Start or join a cooking group to improve your skills and hone your talent

– Take online culinary arts courses and learn even more.


Whether you start in the ether world of the Internet or the real world in a caterer’s kitchen, the first step to a culinary arts career is to start one. Take that first step. Add that one ingredient to your dream that launches a plan, and begin your culinary arts career without leaving your home.

Take advantage of networking with other culinary artists. Join in discussions on the Internet or at the kitchen table. Find your niche and have fun with food for a lifelong career.

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