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Porsches are expensive… unless:

I had an 3D art class in college and the first assignment was to make an exact replica of whatever shoe we were wearing. We could only use masking tape as a material. Fun and annoying all at once. I can’t imaginge doing this though. Please feel free to post pictuers of your luxury car tape/tube exoskeleton in the comments. This guy can’t be the only one. Link via SU


Top Driver Distractions

Driving while distracted is something we are all guilty of from time to time. Personally I am guilty of at least three of the listed distractions, perhaps more! Driving requires of a driver quick reactions, good judgement and coordination. From my experience I have learned first-hand the hard way, while you may think it is perfectly safe to drive whilst on the phone or setting the satnav up this means Read more...

iphone dashboard

iPhone dashboard

So you can spend $20 and get a tape adapter at Radio Shack. You could hope that your new car saw an auxiliary port. Or, you could get this badass new head unit. The phone sits right in your dash and is directly linked to your speakers. All your apps will work including Pandora and Maps, Videos and handsfree access.