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iPhone 5: first impressions

First impressions don’t come after its in your hands, you want to know if you should buy the thing right? Here’s the first thoughts:​   Faster- yay! Lighter- yay! New maps- Cool but apparently no mass transit or walking directions. eek​ Faster data (4G)- big yay​! Huge battery​- yay!   ​My phone is busted so I’m sure I’ll upgrade. If you have an iPhone 4 this makes sense. If you Read more...

iphone dashboard

iPhone dashboard

So you can spend $20 and get a tape adapter at Radio Shack. You could hope that your new car saw an auxiliary port. Or, you could get this badass new head unit. The phone sits right in your dash and is directly linked to your speakers. All your apps will work including Pandora and Maps, Videos and handsfree access.


Free cases for iPhone 4 users

It was just annouced in today’s press conference that Apple will be offering free cases to users of the new iPhone 4. If you are unhappy with your phone you can return it within 30 days without the typical restocking fees. The San Francisco Chronicle is blogging live from the event:. Quoting Steve Jobs: He said 60 million people came through stores last quarter. “When we fall short, which we Read more...