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Finally a new blog that speaks to me

An entire blog dedicated to non (visual) artists drawing giraffes. The direct URL is but they go by G.D.B.P.W.S.N.B.D.G’s or Giraffes Drawn By People Who Should Not Be Drawing Giraffes. Some of their submissions so far include Phillip Glass (personal favorite), Dan Rather, Lawrence Kraus (seen above) and Paul Provenza (I’m also a big fan of his).¬† This shoudl be bookmarked along other specialty blogs such as Pretty Colors, Read more...

Synesthesia- Philip Glass and Fractals

MUSIC PORTRAITS by Tatiana Plakhova from Tatiana Plakhova on Vimeo. Tatiana Plakhova¬†is a Russian artist working on a project called “Complexity Graphics” where, among other inspirations, she is using fractals to visualize Philip Glass music (two of our favorite things). Boards of Canada Thanks to the wonderful and beautiful Toni for the link