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Space: The speech we never heard

​This speech was prepared in case the Apollo astronauts were unable to return home. Its a good reminder of other possible speeches that exist. Found at​ Geekologie

how many in space

Who is in space right now?

Ever wonder how many people are in space at any given moment? Luckily there’s a site for that!!! Check out this site and you’ll know just how many people are there and where they are.  

sex in space

Sex in space

The October-November issue of the Journal of Cosmology features an entry from Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. entitled, Sex on Mars: Pregnancy, Fetal Development, and Sex in Outer Space. He details many issues including menstruation and radiation threats to women as well as decreased testosterone levels in men. Joseph raises issues with psychology, desire, logistics, and marriage while citing sources from Antarctic and isolation research. His solution is pricier than others (e.g. send only married couples) Read more...