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Word Salad

6:05 am Eastern Standard Time. Newark Airport. Tired This is the first Word Salad post. Basically it is a public version of what The Artist Way calls Morning Pages. I call it word salad which WIkipedia defines as: a “confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases”,[1] most often used to describe a symptom of a neurological or mental disorder. The words may or may not be grammatically correct, Read more...

Globe Genie – Be anywhere

File under “Time Suck”. Globe Genie magically transports you to a random street view somewhere in the world. Here are some screenshots. Totally worth a try. Thanks to Reddit user Nidis for the find.  

Montage from tourist photos

200 – 300 photos taken by tourists of some of the most famous landmarks in the word were combined by a Swizerland artist to create these montages. What astounds me is that there are so man pictures from similar vantage points.  There are 18 photos in all.


Mt. Everest Travel Reviews

Mt Everest has 25 reviews on Google Maps. Did you know that? You should read them. Some are very funny. Here are some samples: the mountain troll would not let us pass because my nanna was not wearing purple. Eventually he let us pass after nanna flashed him. It was degrading for all of us Wheelchair Unfriendly‎‎ Forget snapping the honeymoon picture of a lifetime on the summit of Everest should you suffer Read more...

2016 Olympics- Brazil’s solar powered water tower

The 2016 Olympics will take place in Rio and the plan is to have them be the first carbon neutral Olympics. This amazing structure has become the first focal point for those games. Each Olympics features interesting new architecture such as the Beijing Birds nest or cube or even Montreal’s Olympic stadium. All over Brazil you will see signs proclaiming, “A new city is being born”. This is true as Read more...


Rob me… Please

Have you seen this? Does it make you upset? I wasn’t planning on robbing you but now I kinda want to? Know what I mean? Have you seen this? Does it make you upset? I wasn’t planning on robbing you but now I kinda want to? Know what I mean? Thanks to Thiefhunters and NYCPix for the photos.

Airplane Hotel

Hooray for innovative hotel design! Need a place to stay close to the airport in the Netherlands? You can park your private jet right next to your hotel room for two. Located on Teuge airport, this converted Ilyushin 18 built in 1960 is over 40 meters long. A stay will cost you 350 euros/night but you get a large bottle of champagne and a dozen red roses. Perfect for our Read more...