The 1992 NickelodeonTime Capsule

You may or may not remember this. If you are alive on 4/30/42 you will get to see the big reveal. I’ll be 63 years old and hope I make it. Nickelodeon buried some interesting items that are already way outdated such as a Joey Lawrence hat that says “Woah 92” and an original Game Boy. Thats the point though. Not sure if people will be able to play the CDs (MC Hammer and Michael Jackson’s Dangerous) or the VHS tapes (Back to the Future and Home Alone) but they may be able to watch the video of the ceremony where they sealed everything away. Joey Lawrence was on hand at the ceremony and threw his camcorder in with the tape because he couldn’t get it out. The battery will probably be dead by then and I suspect it will be tough to find a new power cord.

Want to make your own? Here is a good 8-step-guide via WikiHow on making a time capsule. I would stress step 7, Do something to remind yourself and others where it is​ and when to open it.

Here is a full list of the items included in the time capsule.

Via- Mental Floss​

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