Top Driver Distractions

Driving while distracted is something we are all guilty of from time to time. Personally I am guilty of at least three of the listed distractions, perhaps more! Driving requires of a driver quick reactions, good judgement and coordination.

From my experience I have learned first-hand the hard way, while you may think it is perfectly safe to drive whilst on the phone or setting the satnav up this means you can multitask, the reality is that you can’t. Your observational skills, ability and judgement will be skewed in some way or another. Take for example my list of top distractions observed while motoring:


Satellite Navigation poses as a driver’s faithful navigator, offering to take you wherever you’re heart desires, and the reality is that many of us will watch the device rather than the road when approaching corners or roundabouts and don’t get me started on out dated software guiding unsuspecting drivers down one-way streets or across rivers with no bridges.

Pedestrians and Advertising

Driving along and looking at other people is a really bad habit of mine, the road seems so boring in comparison to that jogger in a high visibility vest. Advertising is specifically aimed at drivers, which is shrewdly placed to catch your attention.

Mobile Phones

Driving while talking on your phone in the UK can land you a fine, as well as penalty points on your licence. I have experienced people tooting their horns at other motorists on their phones while driving too. On a serious not though, not only is your hand occupied your thoughts are also.

Disruptive passengers

Isn’t it just the most distracting thing when someone in the back of the car is arguing with another passenger, Children are the worst for this, Kids they just don’t seem to understand the intricacy and concentration needed to ensure safe arrival.


I have seen this more than I care to remember, driving to work in the morning. Ladies doing their makeup, I can only hope for the safety of other motorists that this is a one-time event and that powdering the cheeks, while cruising around roundabouts, moving down gears, indicating, steering and checking the mirrors in rush hour traffic does not occur on a regular basis. On that note it is proven that females are better at multitasking than men. None the less these actions defiantly take your attention away from the job in hand: Driving.

What distracts you while driving? Have you like me, been guilty of any of the above? Please share your comments with us.

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