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1 Million Bones

“Led by artist Naomi Natale as part of the One Million Bones Project, this mass grave assembled at the National Mall in Washington, DC is composed of bones made of paper and plaster, but symbolizes the very real number of people killed in places like Sudan, Germany, and the former Yugoslavi. Each bone created by students and volunteers was matched with $1 sent to CARE, which helps send aid to Somalia and the Read more...

Funky new fonts

Princess Mononoke Live on Stage

Performed in England recently, this stage production of Princess Mononoke was fully endorsed by Studio Ghibli. They have since moved the show to Japan. All the puppets are created with recycled paper and materials.

All Your Favorite TV Shows via Blueprint

Artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde painstakingly recreated the apartments and homes of classic TV shows (and two movies). Why? Why not?! Are they good? Yes! Here are a few great ones with a link to the full list below. Found at Mashable​

Game of Thrones Fighting Game

Few games would warrant a camp-out for a midnight release but this could be an exception. Too bad its nto real. Sorry; just had to let you know up front. These are doodles (wow mine REALLY suck) made by Dynamaito which were posted on Based on what I see here I believe I would buy this. I hope someone at Capcom has seen these.

Globe Genie – Be anywhere

File under “Time Suck”. Globe Genie magically transports you to a random street view somewhere in the world. Here are some screenshots. Totally worth a try. Thanks to Reddit user Nidis for the find.