Wait Wait! Don’t tell me.

I’ve been faced with an odd occurrence of late. People in conversation with me or simply nearby seem to want to talk to me…a lot. Not everyone but when it happens it is overwhelming and strange. Here are two recent cases.

The rep for a new service provider I’m hiring asks me a question and just as I start to answer she restates her question and gives an extra example. Now I insert long pauses before speaking then say, “I have an answer to that, are you ready?” I don’t want to be rude but it affects how I listen to her and my expectations of future conversation. Instead of being present I’m listening to the voice in my head.

The second prominent case was a house guest. He came home to find me reading on the couch. For 45 minutes he spoke at me while standing in the same place. His jacket was folded over his arm and he stood like a waiter telling me a list of specials. Imagine though you already knew what you were going to order.

Both situations were well intended and I am not interested in judging them. Instead, I’m noticing 1) what my brain does in that space and 2) that people want to talk to me.

Listening to something that feels worthless has me check out and not care. However, my goals for the next few months around business will require talking to lots of new people. How many of those people will feel this way about me? I have noticed in the past that the qualities I find annoying in others are often in me as well (maybe we’re all people).

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