Write a book in 3 easy steps


Did you know that it is National Novel Writing Month? 30 days and nights to write 50,000 words. Lots of resources are available on the home page for the event but I had my own ideas. I certainly don’t have time or inspiration for a book so I’m letting chaos reign. Here’s the plan:

1) Go to wolframalpha and enter “random word”

2) Do a google image search for that word

3) Somehow tie 15 iterations of steps 1 and 2 into a story

Here are a list of my words:

Volley, Bake shop, edema, Thomas Grey, Galois, Hirsutism, zbit, save-all, foxhound, cocaine, anigozanthos manglesii, premiership, celosia argentea, obtrusive, dunk.

Think I can do it? Want to participate? Feel free to leave comments here or tweet @bendistraw with the tag #bendibook. Keep me posted on your project as well.

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